Our story

Years as a congregation

Years in our current building

Enfield United Church of Christ enjoys a long history. Our church was authorized in 1683, and our first building was very small, and was located at what is now the entrance to the Enfield Street Cemetery. Enfield was a rapidly growing town and our second building was completed in 1708. Our third church building was the building that is currently occupied by the Historical Society and was opened on January 1, 1775. Our present church building opened in 1849 and although it is architecturally the same, the interior has gone through some significant changes.

There are a lot of things that Enfield UCC could be known for: the oldest church building in Enfield, being the tallest building in Enfield, however in July 1741 in our second building, the sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” was delivered by the Reverend Jonathan Edwards.

Four months later, a minuteman rider came through town to a tavern located on the corner of Enfield Street and Bridge Lane to announce that war had started in Boston. A frequenter of the tavern obtained a drum and marched around the regularly scheduled Thursday service, breaking the meeting up. To commemorate that event, a statue was erected on the property in front of our present building.

We are very proud of our church and our church history and the changes that have taken place since our first worship service in 1680.