recovery fund


At Enfield United Church of Christ we take seriously Christ’s call to love our neighbor; and so, we are continually looking for new ways to serve our community. Through most of 2020 we understand that people’s attention has been squarely on the global Covid19 pandemic, and rightly so; however, that does not mean that the addictions people face in our community are any less when we are not paying attention to them. In fact, it is possible that those suffering from addiction have had even greater distress during this pandemic as people have been kept apart. Recovery meetings have not been as readily available, and people have not been doing well in isolation. 

We are well aware that every family has been touched by the horrors of addiction. It kills individuals, as well as, hurts our families and community. Therefore, Enfield United Church of Christ will begin distributing money on November 1, 2020 from our newly formed Recovery Fund for those Enfield residents who are seeking recovery from addiction. A check for up to $500 will be given to the institution (i.e., halfway/sober house, detox, rehab hospital, etc.) the individual has been admitted to help defray initial expenses for their recovery.

This is a new way for our church to serve the town, and we will continue to show our neighbors that we love them. If you wish to contribute financially to this ongoing effort, checks may be sent to the church at PO Box 3171, Enfield, CT 06083 designated for the Recovery Fund.