Lay Leadership Within Our Church

The following is a summary of the standing committees and boards of the Enfield Congregational Church.

Church Council

The Church Council is the Executive Board of the church, with the primary responsibility of establishing and executing policy as established by the congregation at Annual Meetings or periodic all-church meetings.  The Council is comprised of:

  • Moderator- Kevin Mayo
  • Vice-moderator- vacant
  • Church Clerk- Jan Baeder
  • Chairpersons (or designates) from each Committee/Board
  • Nominating Chair- Currently open
  • Historian- Mitch Petersen
  • Pastor (Ex-officio) – The Reverend Dr. Greg Gray
  • At-large (2) Representatives- Linda Gary

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons, along with the pastor, is responsible for the spiritual leadership and well-being of the church. The Board oversees worship, music, ushers and greeting, membership, care-giving, flowers and decorating, hospitality, and any other activity conducted within the church sanctuary.

Deacon members:
Jeannie Smith (Senior Deacon), Brian Baeder, Christa Berthold, Pam Hammersmith, Gary Hammersmith, Leah Jackson, Kevin Mayo, Jim McCarthy, Dave Mongon, and Melody Nute

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is responsible for an effective Christian education program, including Sunday School, adult education, Cradle Roll, youth ministries, library ministries, and any other educational activities.

Board members:
Matt Miranda (Chair), Cara Donelan, Ladd Gowen, Mary Hale, Michele Landes, Tammy Nason, Sue Pearson, Barbara Robinson, and Sara Moriarty (Director of Christian Education)

Board of Christian Outreach

The Bord of Christian Outreach is concerned with, and provides for, the church’s mission locally and worldwide.  They are tasked with identifying and understanding issues of concern to the Christian Church, recommending social action and social justice programs to the Council, and implementing those programs once approved by Council.

Board members:
Jill Mayo (Chair), Joanne Burgess, Adrienne Cummings, Brenda Florian, Merlyn Guild, Judy Merrill, Gary Tetrault, and Judy Tetrault

Board of Stewards

Stewards has the sacred trust for the care and custody of the real, and personal property of the church.  They are also responsible to receive and disburse  all monies,  administering to the financial affairs of the church.  Such activities include the annual budget, facilities management, pledge ministries, managing endowments and gifts, general financial ministry, fundraising ,and Ways and Means Ministries.  Other committees may be established on a temporary basis

Board members:
Bud Cowles (chair), Joe Banning, Pete Clement, Arlene Firtion (Asst Treasurer), Howard Florian, Doug Howell, Michael Joseph, Phil Morton (Treasurer), Jim Nason, Carolyn Petersen, Pam Psholka, and Paul Smith

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